Riot Games Is Making New Games

Riot Games, which has gained a huge player base on mobile with its recent “wild rift”, announced via Twitter that it is working on a new MMO style game, and the company is also known to be making the new fighting game and a turn based game.

An employee of riot games is working on a new MMO game through Twitter, but we don’t have any concrete evidence of what the game will be like or what it will look like, and it is unanswered on questions such as when it will be released.

In this article we will talk about the new and expected 3 games, these are Ruined Kings (turn-based game), the unnamed fighting game, and finally we have a new news MMO style game.

Ruined Kings – Turn-Based Game

Ruined Kings, a turn-based game that will be released in the winter of 2021, is our first game, and the graphics of the game look better than other turn-based games and seem to make puzzle logic in the game.

He tells the story of League Of Legend but there is not much information about the story of the game, I will let you know when more information about the game comes in.

Rising Thunder – Fighting Game

The name of the game is not yet known, but Riot Games has purchased rising thunder and it is thought that this game will be improved, the logic in the game is that there is a different combat system than other games, rising thunder, a game that requires you to use the right ability at the right time instead of the combo by pressing the keys respectively.

There is almost no information about the game, it is simply called Project L and is expected to be a fighting game with Rising Thunder-like mechanics, which will include league of legends characters.

Riot Games – MMO Game

The MMO game was released yesterday and no images were presented, only a Riot Games employee with the developer said they were working on the game.

The predictions on the game are that it will have a structure similar to Wow, the characters will be Runettera characters, and of course, it is thought to be set in the Runeterra universe, though it is worth saying that we still do not know enough about this game.

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