How To Learn Programming Language

Learning programming languages can sometimes be complicated and difficult, but when you understand the logic, it is possible to learn a programming language in 3 months or even 2 months. In this article, we will look at how you can learn programming and how to do the train.

Online Learning

You can start learning with free online tutorials, instead of just opening and watching the video, you can try the codes in the editor and write your own code blocks, so the information will be more memorable.

Get Help From Documentation

After you finish the online education process, you will make a lot of mistakes, you can make mistakes not only while learning but also while coding a project, so try to get help from the documentation at first, but when you get used to it, you will find what you want very easily. There are a few sample documentation sites below.

1- R Documantation

2- Python Documantation

3- Csharp Documantation

Participate in Open Source Projects

You can work to support open source projects, don’t forget to work before you start and you can progress by starting from simple open sources. Github is one of the most suitable platforms to support open source codes, and you can also while developing open-source code and win special products (on certain dates)

Read Programming Blogs

The programming blocks will provide you with many new ideas and tools, you can read it to learn a new structure or you can search for a new IDE. The difference between blogs from documentation includes different topics.

Practice with HackerRank

Hackerrank is one of the biggest practice sites right now, it contains many exercises, you can improve yourself by solving them, preventing you from forgetting, the exercises take you further and let you see the mistakes you made.

Use Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow is a forum site for programmers. You encountered an error and couldn’t find the solution on the internet. It’s okay. You can solve your problem by asking other programmers via StackOverflow.

Stackoverflow is one of the biggest programmer blogs, so you don’t have to wait long, but it is better to use it when you can’t solve your problem, I suggest you don’t ask questions on the internet.

Learn Programming Logic, Not Programming Language

Although the programming logic is not very easy to learn, you can easily switch to other programming languages and master one language when you understand it. To learn its logic, you can think about how the syntax works without memorizing it.

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