Project Planning Tools For Game Development

Game development is a long and difficult process, so timing is very important in projects. In this article I will show you 5 beautiful planning tools and how you can use them more effectively.

I will also give tips for correct time management at the end of this article. With the help of the programs found here, you can reduce the construction times of projects by using your time efficiently.

Milanote – Notes And Todo List

Milanote offers you both a visual and text-based project editing environment, and you can create a special section for every other job in your daily life in milanote.

It is very simple to use and will do most of your work, there are also ready-made templates for game design.

It is almost free to use, a few features can be paid for. Milanote will assist you with all your game development projects.

Codecks – Project Management

Codecks is a gamified project management tool, you can store your projects in the form of card stacks, divide them into pieces and get your work done one by one.

You can manage your projects by creating your own decks such as Design, Music, Code, Bug, and adding things to do.

Paid and Free memberships are available.


Notion offers all the features you will need together. Notion can do all your work, such as taking notes, making a to-do list.

You can also add new features to Notion or create your own templates with Notion’s templates that can be developed continuously by other users.

It is a completely free tool, but you can donate. Notion’s simple and compact design will provide you a comfortable. Project management for those who want to handle all your work with a single program.

Game Project Management Tips

When separating your game projects according to the actions to be done, always put your design works first.

Always finish the design part before coding games, then arrange your additional work (music, fonts, etc.) so everything is ready before you start the making game.

Prepare all the steps in the coding section and finish it to work one by one, and refactor each code at the end.

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