Best resources for 3D design

There are many sub-areas in game production. In this article, we have compiled the best resources for those who want to be game designers.

I have another good news for those who want to be a game designer, any more will be published in articles about game design in My Master Designer. Documents and articles to be published will not only be about 3D game designing but also will include 2D design.

The articles will progress in the form of videos and articles, we will try to keep it very practical, you can practice with short videos and reinforce them with articles. Let’s pass to the list.

Blender Guru

It is a youtube channel that makes videos for the Blender software. They regularly post videos and have good tutorials.

Blender Guru Youtube Channel


If you are dealing with sculpting, one of the most suitable channels for you is YanSculpts. It has content related to Zbrush and Blender.

YanSculpts Youtube Channel


It is a channel where Substance programs are found, There are also ZBrush and Autodesk Maya tutorials. It has a very large collection of videos. If you are work with texture, it is recommended to check it out.

3dEx Youtube Channel


In fact, it improves your 3D design skills indirectly, although it is not related to the 3D design field.

Drawing skills are a necessary skill for all design areas, it is a training that can be studied by designers who want to start new drawings from the link below and improve themselves. Digital drawing can also be done to improve your drawing ability.

Envatotuts+ Beginner Tutorial

Last word

If you want to keep improving in design, it will be very useful to practice a lot. These tutorials will give you the technique, the rest is in your practice.

Thanks for reading!

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