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Can Code Be Written From The Phone
Can Code Be Written From The Phone


Can code be written from the phone?

Technology has improved, the mobile telephone is always with us so, we use this technology for business. Designers often check and edit their designs on tablets or phones.

Many programs have now been developed for programmers, of course, writing code with as much functionality as a computer may not be done, but it can still be used for code editing.

Visual Studio Online

Visual studio online, a cloud-based application of Visual Studio, can be used not only for mobile devices but for any platform that has access to the internet.

It includes all the features of Visual Studio Code, the best code editing program. You can log in with your Azure account and start coding.

Of course, you have the chance to turn it into an IDE through plugins, which is one of the best applications on this list.


Since we have an environment to write code, of course we need a good keyboard to write, Codebeard gives you a great programmer keyboard.

You can not only increase the writing speed but also enable you to work more comfortably. You can download the android version below.

Code Keyboard

You can use the Code keyboard as an ios alternative to Codebord, and it offers you some patterns ready to use.


Github, a must for programmers, is on our list. The Github mobile application, which is very useful like the desktop version, is available on both platforms.

Just like the computer version, you can handle all your operations here. The mobile version of Github is the closest git platform to the computer version.

Code Editor

You can use Code Editor for quick editing operations, even though visual studio does not offer advanced features and add-ons as much as online, you can finish your work fast.

With the Code Editor, you can edit all the small mistakes you can think of, leave the big tasks to Visual Studio Online, you can do the small tasks with the Code Editor.

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