Top 5 Games inspired by mythological creatures

Many game fans are obsessed with myths. Mythology combines history, fantasy, and culture. Video games and many other media have regarded mythology as an important basis for storytelling and interesting characters. Today we will examine 10 different mythological characters used in games.

1 – God Of War

Almost every creature in the God of war universe is inspired by mythological characters. The story in the game is also influenced by Greek mythology.

God Of War | My Master Designer
God Of War
2 – Until Dawn

The character of Wendiogo in Until Dawn comes from a creature that eats a human soul according to Native American mythology. This spirit is cannibalism etc. It is believed to have eaten the souls of people after major crimes.

Wendigo In Until Dawn | My Master Designer
Wendigo In Until Dawn
3 – Final Fantasy

Scandinavian god Odin and Gilgamesh, who is in the Sumerian mythology, are in almost every Final Fantasy series. Although every game is different, you can always see characters from different mythologies in the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy | My Master Designer
Final Fantasy
4 – Skyrim Series

The Skyrim series is entirely inspired by Norse mythology, with in-game giants, dragons, trolls, and draugr. There are characters from many Norse mythologies such as Giants, dragons, and trolls.

Skyrim | My Master Designer
5 – Okami

Okami, one of the richest games visually, is inspired by Japanese mythology. The character controlled by the players is the goddess Amaterasu from Japanese mythology. Many of the characters in the game are inspired by Japanese mythology.

Okami | My Master Designer

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