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My Master Designer founded on November 16, 2020 It is a blog site that contains articles on data science, programming, and game development, there are also tips, advice, and important information for programmers.

Future Of My Master Designer

Being added 1 or 2 new articles every day. In the coming months, we will adjust this rate to add 3 – 4 articles. We will also add the web development section, so you will have the opportunity to find information about all fields.

My Master Designer Course System

This feature is currently unavailable and we’ll add it in the coming months. Paid and free courses will be added (don’t worry I’ll do most of them for free) as an example, you will choose the course you want from the here and you will learn with article and videos. some upcoming courses Python 3 course, Java course, and R course.

Paid courses and free courses will be almost the same in articles and videos (I don’t want to make the gap between paid and free too much), but paid courses will also have exercises, tests, and extra repetitions.

My Master Designer Youtube Channel

Videos related to data science, programming, game development will be uploaded on the soon to be opened channel. As an example, you read a subject but it was not enough. If you need more examples, you can join the exercises on youtube.

My Master Designer Facebook Page

You can get information when a new post in My Master Designer upload on the Facebook page, and I will also upload special posts on this page. You can follow it here.


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