Most Helpful Extensions In Visual Studio Code

In this write, we going to look most helpful and useful extensions in Visual Studio Code, this article is divided according to topics, different plugins will be introduced for each area.

Extensions For Game Developer

Although software such as Rider or Visual Studio is used for personal use, Visual Studio Code may be a good choice for you. Let me tell you from the beginning Visual Studio Code can be a very good tool for game developers, but you will need a lot of plugins, you may even need to write your own snippets, if you don’t know how to write, you can check it here.

1 – Select Programming Language Helper

For Unity, you need the C # language helper, and for Unreal Engine, you need the C ++ language helper. You can find the C # helper here, and the C ++ helper here.

2 – Debugger For Unity

unfortunately, there is only the debugger for unity but it may come in the coming months or years. If you want to install a debugger for Unity, you can install it here.

3 – Snippet For Game Development

Now we’ll install a few snippets so you can work with automatic fixes as if you were using an IDE. A good snippet is a good coding experience so I chose 2 snippets for both Unreal and Unity, the best.

Snippet For Unreal Engine
Snippet For Unity

4 – Bonus

Our bonus extension is that Bracket Pair Colorizer, this extension is itself a fancy brace colorant, it shows you the location of each extra braces with colors and it has great coloring. Install Here.

Extensions For Data Scientist

I think it is one of the areas that use Visual Studio Code the most, in this section I will talk about more useful plugins, so there are no simple plugins because we looked at basic extensions in Visual Studio Code For Data Science.

Real-Time Code Extension For Python

a nice plugin, you can see the errors, variables, and your print output in the program you are writing in real-time. minor glitches still occur (normal because real-time code logic still doesn’t work well). You can install it here.

Live Share Extensions

With your Visual Studio Code, you can screen share to friends and you can speak with friends or even edit a code with a group. There are 2 plugins that provide these features, you can install 2 of them with this package.

Install Here


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