SQL Important Query Commands For Every Developer

Today, we gonna look at SQL important queries and we going to practice these queries into the basic projects. SQL programming language is very easy so don’t worry. Whether you are a data scientist or a web developer you should know SQL basic queries.

Create Table Query

Firstly, we need a table because we work on this table. Firstly, what is the table and why we use this table. Shortly, tables are a collection of related information held in a database. It consists of columns and rows. We use it because when we need data we attract data in these tables. Let’s create a new table.

Insert Into And Values Query

We have a table, anymore we can add values in these columns. Generally, you can not create a table because you transfer tables in excel, etc. But we should know these queries. Let’s add a record in these columns.

Select And From Query

This, command always uses in your project because we need to select a table from a database. We need to see values in tables so we use a select query for this.

Where Query

This command like a condition statement, so if you know another programming language, this query will be easy for you. Where query for condition statement.

And – Or – Not Operators

These operators supporting the where query. Let’s we gonna examine these operators.

Update And Delete Query

Sometimes, we need to delete columns or update the value in this column, we can use an update and delete query for this.

These queries are so important for every developer even Hackers. So I did prepare this series. Apart from these, there are also important commands, but congratulations anymore, you know basic queries in SQL.


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