Github announces new feature passwordless authentication

GitHub’s new feature “passwordless authentication” aims to increase account security and provide a smoother user experience.

By opting for the “Enable passkeys” option within GItHub’s ‘Feature Preview’ menu, users will be able to activate their passkeys, according to GitHub Staff Product Manager HIrsch Singhal.

“Because passkeys are privacy preserving, you might have to trigger your passkey a few times during that upgrade flow so we can make sure we’re upgrading the right credential. Once you do, you’re all set for a passwordless experience,” Singhal said.

Nearly four months after requiring two-factor authentication for all of its active developers, GitHub has now introduced passkeys. GitHub has also incorporated sign-in notifications, WebAuth support, and compromised password blocking to help safeguard its platform against cybersecurity risks. Over the past two months, Google and Microsoft have also added more passkey support.

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