Top lane champions suitable for Lol season 11.3

We have listed the best top lane champions for Lol season 11 on this list and you can find other important points such as the most suitable runes and item sequences in this article.

Important notice, although some champions are not eligible for the meta, the win rates and functionality may increase in proportion to the person playing, but this list is based on concrete values.

Tank Sion

The Sion, which has a very good 51 percent win rate, could be one of the most powerful champions in the meta if played with tank runes and items.

It is more useful in high leagues. It will be better to choose champions with higher damage sources in low leagues.


Darius has currently terrifying power in the low leagues. Where the playing rate is higher in the low leagues, Darius has a high win rate like Sion with a 51% win rate.

Although they are equally functional in the upper leagues, and it is extremely difficult to play against champions such as fiora, gnar, and Camile in the lane. It will be in your best interest to build a tank and damage-focused build.


Camille is a champion that has an excellent win rate in all of the last seasons and the potential to shine when played well, but it is also a tough champion.

It has a good 50% win rate (Its popularity is higher than other champions). He is not live any problem melting jewelry like Darius and Sion. It is more appropriate to build a build such as a tank and a lethality in this season.


Being a ranged champion, Gnar, which has a very comfortable process in the lane. Also very prone to carrying team battles in Mega Gnar form with the strengthening of his tank items.

Tank and attack speed items are very suitable for Gnar. A Trinity Force item that you will finish at the beginning will give you excellent power in the match.

Despite its popularity of 54%, you can understand how strong it is with a 51% win rate, and a good Gnar player can carry the team.


With less win rates than other champions, Aatrox is still playable and can carry the team with good gameplay. Aatrox with a 49% win rate can reach immortality with lifesteal items.

With an eclipse or Goredrinker you get, you can bring your lifesteal and Power to an appropriate level.

Do not take Aatrox, against Kennen, Urgot, and Pantheon, these champions can easily put pressure on Aatrox in the current season.


Wukong, who re-entered the commodity thanks to new items, is now one of the most powerful champions in methane. With Wukong ulti, you can start or even end a team war. It is one of the meta championships of this season, with a 51% win rate.

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