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Best Assets for Unity in 2021!

In this list, we going to look at the best assets for unity in 2021. These assets are paid so if you don’t want to pay the money you can see that paid or free by title color.

1 – Rainbow Folders 2

With this program, you can organize folders in separate areas such as draft drawings, codes, space designs in complex projects. This application offers you customized folders for different areas and costs 20$.

2 – Quantum Console

The quantum console is a multi-functional console that offers you great features, you can handle many features that a normal console cannot. You could compare it to a Linux terminal made for Unity. Its price is 30$.

3 – Enhanced Hierarchy 2

This plugin allows you to customize the hierarchy window and make it more useful. It is useful for those who work with a lot of actors, lights and props, but if you are working on small projects I don’t think it will suit you well, the price is 15$.

4 – Brackeys 2D Pack

This package, created by a YouTuber called Brackyes, which is a free asset, includes content such as free characters, space designs, effects, and sounds, it is recommended to try it only if you are programming.

5 – Unity Particle Pack

Effects package prepared by Unity technology. If you are learning new Vrc, you can find some really cool and beautiful effects, and it’s free, which is a nice thing.

6 – Power Inspector

Power Inspector offers more advanced solutions compared to the normal inspector. One of its biggest advantages is the ability to write live code on the inspector, but I recommend that you wait for the discount as it is a bit expensive. The price is $ 35.

7 – Project Search & Replace

In this plugin, it is also a lifesaver for large projects, but not very important for small projects, itself a search and replace plugin. The price is $ 25.

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