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Data Science

Top 10 Free Dataset for Data Science Project

Free Dataset For Your Data Science Project
Free Dataset For Your Data Science Project

We need data sets before starting projects, if you are already looking for a new data set, we will present you 10 free and high-quality datasets in this article, you can download the dataset you want to download by clicking the title.

1 – Netflix Movies and Tv Show Datasets

This dataset provides you with information such as the type, id number, type of the series, director, and cast team. It is very easy to understand the dataset.

2 – World Bank Open Data

It is the biggest dataset for the field of finance, Datasets covering populace socioeconomic, and an immense number of financial and advancement pointers from across the world. It is suitable for use in machine learning.

3 –  Labelme Dataset

It is a dataset containing very large visual data, suitable for a machine learning project to work in the visual field. Visual recognition programs can be made with Labelme.

4 – IMDB Reviews

You can use this dataset containing IMDB scores to analyze sentiment, it has about 25,000 movie data. In addition, since it is a very large data set, you will have a lot of data when you train.

5 – Amazon Reviews

Includes Amazon reviews and reviews. Very useful dataset for natural language processing projects. It has datasets from small to large. The largest dataset is 11GB. Available in smaller versions such as 22MB, you can choose according to the project.

6 – IMF Data

One of the major economic data sets is IMF data. The International Monetary Fund publishes data on international finance, debt rates, foreign exchange reserves, commodity prices, and investments.

7 – Google Open Images

It is Google’s largest visual dataset, it is a collection of 9 million URLs named with more than 6000 categories. You can use the dataset on Github.

8 –

This dataset contains more than 7 hours of road driving data, examples of which are data such as GPS coordinates and the steering angle. It is worth mentioning that this dataset is not free like the others.

9 – Oxford Robotic Car

If you want to work on a large data set, here is a data set that will exceed about 300GB, the camera data of Oxford’s robotic car it also includes data such as weather.

10 – Animal Bites

This dataset is easy and shrinks to other datasets, if you are learning new data science you can work with this dataset.

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