Top 10 Data Science Community in 2021

In this article, we have collected the information required for data science, datasets, and sites that data science resource online for collaboration. These resources will help you with your projects, and you can use examples and tutorials shared by the community to reinforce the topics.

1 – Reddit

Reddit with 40 million monthly daily searches and 1.2 million monthly active users, Reddit is not just a data science community, but a huge social media community where you can find information on every subject, data sets, data science articles.

So You Want To “Market On Reddit”

2 – Data Science Central

Data Science Central has resources in various fields such as data analysis, statistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Data Science Central offers forum support.

3 – Dataquest

Dataquest has an educational platform as well as a large community, consisting of data science students and experts. It is a platform you can refer to for any problem. You can also get a training package for a certain fee.

Learn R, Python and SQL for Data Science | Dataquest

4 – Kaggle

Kaggle is one of the largest data science communities in the world, itself a subsidiary of Google, with content such as data science notes, datasets, community support, blog, educational articles, and is free, with approximately 50,000 public datasets and 400,000 public notes.

5 – Open Data Science

Open Data Science is a global data science community that creates events, projects, exchanges information with other data scientists or students. The most important feature of the community is its activities.

Open Data Science (

6 – IBM Data Community

IBM Data Science Community is a discussion and content information platform, you can find data science content and discussions, and you can develop your data science skills with suggested blogs and participate in discussions and express your opinions.

7 – Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a forum not only for data scientists but for all programmers, it is the largest online forum site for debugging, all your difficult questions may have already been answered.

Stack Overflow = Programmers' Best Friend | by Om Ashish Mishra | codeburst

8 – Data Community DC

Data Community DC non-profit events, projects, etc. It is a system that enables data scientists to assist in such works. Data science articles such as blogs are also available.

Building a Data Science Community: Harlan Harris Interview (DC2 Founder) |  Data Science Weekly

9 – Data Science Society

The Data Science Society is an international digital community. The platform builds a strong digital core of members around a body of scientific knowledge about the data. To date, the Data Science Society has held a number of data science meetings and international datatons with participants from over 20 countries.

10 – Driven Data

DrivenData works on projects at the intersection of data science and social impact in areas such as international development, health, education, research and protection, and public services. The platform offers such projects for you to develop your data science skills.

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