Huawei MateBook X

Four years ago, Huawei expressed its view to the computer industry. By applying Huawei’s mobile philosophy to laptop products; Its FullView Display, Multi-Screen Collaboration, 10-point multi-touch pad, keyboard embedded camera, 2-in-1 fingerprint power button, and other innovations are coming alive to the computer industry.

The product refresh cycle with a computer is not the same as for smartphones. Consumers often replace their smartphones every two years or more. However, consumers are changing their computers for a fourth or later. This improves PC possibilities going forward to help consumers keep up with current trends.

Huawei made new and effective arrangements for the future for its new devices and introduced many features that will increase design and functionality. In its journey to make the laptop thinner and lighter, Huawei has been one step ahead of the industry with its forward-thinking design philosophy. With the new HUAWEI MateBook X, Huawei introduced the frameless FullView Display to the industry. The device meets the high image quality requirements of users while displaying more details than a 1080p screen with a 3K resolution screen with a high screen-to-body ratio of 90 percent.

In addition to the thin bezels, the hidden camera in HUAWEI MateBook X is another secret behind the high screen-to-body ratio. Unlike traditional laptops with a camera design built into the upper bezel, the HUAWEI MateBook X has a camera embedded in the keyboard to achieve a high screen-to-body ratio. The camera can be easily turned on and off with a single tap. This design provides the highest level of privacy and a safe user experience for consumers while maintaining essential camera functions.

From the user’s perspective, stylish and aesthetic products always add a first-class touch to the image of the person. Weighing 1kg and only 13.6mm thick, the HUAWEI MateBook X is smaller than a sheet of paper and is extremely easy to carry with just two fingers.

Of course, one of the factors that make HUAWEI MateBook X incredibly thin and light is the choice of materials. HUAWEI MateBook X’s high-quality lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy is not only less dense, but also stronger, more durable, and more stable, allowing the laptop to run normally and reliably for long periods of time.

The new HUAWEI MateBook X is manufactured with an advanced process that feels as smooth as silk. Compared to laptops with a rough surface, the HUAWEI MateBook X is comfortable to use and carry all day.

Huawei understands what users need when it comes to product design. Instead of producing laptops with a bulky and dull appearance, Huawei is inspired by the glittering fashion world. He created the Silver and Emerald Green color variants that glow seductively in different settings and help the owner stand out from the crowd.

Looking at these features, the new Matebook will make you really happy.

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