How To Become A Great Data Scientist

My Master Designer has many programming and data science documents but, only technical knowledge isn’t useful, we should understand this job and the importance of what we do, shortly, in this tutorial we going to look a data scientists and what they did also, we going to learn data scientist toolbox and tips.

What Is Data Science?

As I said, I will not write a line-by-line article here, just going to talk about what it means. Data science, in its simplest explanation, is an interdisciplinary field that creates solutions by using data. Major topics of data science are Mathematics, Programming, and statistics a data scientist should know about these 3 subjects.

data scientists focus more on mathematics, of course, they also develop themselves in other fields. Data scientists need to know computer science as well as mathematics, so if you’re going to choose a university, you can also study in a field like a computer engineering.

What Is Data Scientist?

we talked about above, data scientists are people who create solutions with data. For example, we have a website and, we want to find the most read news on this website because we going to focus on that subject, professionals dealing with such matters are called data scientists.

How To Solving Problem?

Problem-solving is a more important skill than math, programming, or anything else because we’re working to fix a problem. Software developers are working for a client who says “Google won’t open!”. Well, how to solve problems in real life for this, we going to look at an example.

First Problem Example

we have a mobile application and we want to add a new episode. We can do this in 2 ways, we can directly add what we want, or we can do it with a second way, data analysis, first let’s look at the first way.

First Way

We can look at the response level by directly adding a section and presenting it to users. If people like it, we will make the section permanent, if it does not, we remove it from the app.

Second Way

Before adding the section to the game, we can research the most liked section. Small surveys can be prepared, for example, why did you choose this and what you did not like. After obtaining these data, a result can be reached by researching. In this way, you can develop the most preferred part.


the second way is obviously a better way, adding a section without being analyzed can lead users to delete the app. It also provides the opportunity to find and correct other weaknesses of the application.

How To Learn Programming?

The logic of programming is simple to understand, but finishing a project or solving a problem can be very tiring and difficult for a developer. These are the main issues that make programming difficult, learning a programming language is much easier than learning a language, in addition, when you switch from a programming language you have learned to a different language, your difficulty rate will decrease by 50%.


There are many resources on the internet, I have listed some of them below.

  1. Coursera (Paid)
  2. Codeacademy (Has Paid And Free Version)
  3. Udemy (Has Paid And Free Version)
  4. Datacamp (Paid)
  5. Treehouse (Paid)
  6. (Free)
  7. FreeCodeCamp (Free)
  8. The Odin Project (Free)
  9. My Master Designer (Always Free)

The list above includes courses for both data science and programming also, you should always improve your programming knowledge with exercises for this, you can use Hackerrank, I’ll also enter a lot of exercises here.

How To Improve Your Math Skills?

When it comes to this part of the work, mathematics is a very critical topic for both programmers and data scientists, unfortunately, we mention that programming is simple but math is very tiring and difficult sometimes, so math should be our first priority. You should know the important subjects in math. You can read books and solve tests, or you can watch videos.


How To Keep Motivation?

You may spend hours on a subject and maybe nothing will be getting, so you should stay motivated. I have a few suggestions to keep motivation. I’ve listed them below.

Step 1 – Listen To Music

Working with music is better than hearing keyboard sounds in a quiet environment. You don’t need to listen to classical music, just turn on a music you love and start coding!

Step 2 – Read Or Watch Life Stories

you can read or watch life stories. You can watch it as a movie or read it as a book.

Step 3 – Use The Pomodoro Technique

Studying for more than 25 minutes exhausts your brain and stresses you, and sitting at the computer for more than 25 minutes can also damage your body. Therefore, after working with the Pomodoro technique for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break every 4 times, and then take a 30-minute break.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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