Data Visualization And Analyze With Pandas And Matplotlib

In this write, we going to look at data visualization and data analysis with Pandas and Matplotlib. If you didn’t read Data Visualization With Matplotlib For Beginner you should read because I not going to tell the basic part.

What Is Data Analyze?

Data analysis is the process of analyzing data, clearing, transforming, and modeling.

Import Data With Pandas

Anymore, we know create graphic but now, we going to create a graphic with a data file. I gave a simple data file, download this file because we going to work on this data file.

Now, we have a data file let’s import this file into the Python project and use this file in Graphic.

Graphic With Data

We imported CSV files in a python file, if you use an excel file using the read_excel function. Now, we going to create graphics with this data.

Create Graphics With CSV File

We going to prepare a new graphic, and this graphic consists of Example_Data.csv data. Firstly, we going to create sample plot after we going to create a histogram.First Graphic

We created a sample plot using name and age from Example_Data.csv. Anymore, we don’t need an x and y array because we use data files. Let’s create a new plot with excel files.

Create Graphic With Excel File

now, we create a plot with excel because we can work in different file formats, we going to use an excel file. Let’s create a new plot with an excel file. Dataset is here.Excel File Graphic

We create a new graphic with an excel file, now, this graphic needs to style so let’s add a style.Style Graphic Picture Anymore, we read the file and we can use it in graphics. Now, we ready to work on a real dataset. Let’s create a new scatter graphic with a CSV file.

How To Work On Real Dataset?

We worked to basic and full of mistakes datasets. Now, we going to work on real datasets for practice. I got these data from “Cs Dojo“, data is here. Just download CSV files. We have a dataset, anymore, we going to work on these data. We going to use 2 different graphics so if you don’t know the graphic style read this write.


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