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League Of Legends Best Mid Champions In 11.5 Meta
League Of Legends Best Mid Champions In 11.5 Meta

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League Of Legends Best Mid Champions In 11.5 Meta

Hi, My Master Designer reader, in this write we going to look best mid lane champions in 11.5 meta. We listed 5 champions also gave runes and item sets. Good readings and good playings.


He’s one of the most relaxed champions in mid-lane right now, also if you’re a good Irelia player. You can do well in team play, you should use your item set with the mixture of tank + attack power, it would be good to choose the sword of the ruined king at first.


Lucien is a champion where you can pass the early game without difficulty in the lane. It is also perfect for removing players in team battles in the middle game.

Lucien finishes the laning phase without difficulty in nearly all matches. While playing Lucien, keep poking the opponent while farming.

You can go to the item stacks from the suggested lineup, it will be good to buy life stealing items towards the end.


Orianna can create an excellent position in team fights and is a champion that you can play comfortably in the lane phase.

Professional players and longtime orianna players can start and end great team battles, but beginner orianna players can’t start perfect team battles.

Use Full Ap Orianna builds will be beneficial for both your team and you.


There is no problem with you playing Ryze, both pro and SoloQ. Although Ryze is weak at the beginning of the game, he is a monster in the middle and late game.

Full Ap Ryze will keep you strong both in the early game and in the late game, with new items Ryze hits more.

You can also take your entire team into a team fight or take them out with your Ultimate skill. This keeps you in an important position in teamfights.

Twisted Fate

You have the perfect skill set for surprise raids on other lanes. Also, even if you fall behind other champions in the lane, your single throwing potential will increase at the end of the game.

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