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Data Science

Advice for those who want to start data science

Advice For Those Who Want To Start Data Science
Advice For Those Who Want To Start Data Science

Hi, My Master Designer reader. This article for those who want to start data science but don’t know where to start. so everyone can read this article you don’t need to be a data scientist.

We don’t examine any technical problem or we don’t see any code or math, just going to learn how to learn data science and how to improve these skills.

Also in this article, we’ll examine how to learn math and write code in a short time. After this article, you can start data science with My Master Designer. We added beginner level and intermediate articles below.

Why You Should Learn Data Science?

What Is Data Science and its Life Cycle - EduinPro

First, let’s learn about this job and why we do this job. Actually, a data scientist is work with data and data scientist makes solution with data. For example, a data scientist can predict car sell or a good price for selling with machine learning.

Even, data scientist can make a car sensor, the sensors you use in daily life have an artificial intelligence system that detects obstacles and slows them down (some sensors only react according to proximity.)

Requirements For Data Science

Data science ‒ Master ‐ EPFL

A data scientist knows very good math because math is so important in calculations. Mathematics is always used to produce results to analyze data. A data scientist in mathematics should always know more than a programmer.

of course, programming is also important for data scientists. However, it is worth mentioning that your reason for knowing the program is to manage data in a more advanced environment rather than managing it with paper and pencil. You need to constantly improve your programming skills.

My Master Designer For Data Science

My master designer has many articles for data science you should learn data science with my master designer. You can search for the topic you want with the search button or you can browse through new tutorials.

Each training is linked to each other If there is information you haven’t learned before, you can go to the previous article by clicking on it. You can repeat old information that you do not remember.

You can work not only in data science but also in other fields such as programming, algorithms, mathematics, through My master designer.

What Method Should I Work With?

What is it like working in IT? | CV-Library Career Advice

Although everyone’s method is different, the main method in programming is to create your own projects after learning. This applies to data science.

Combining the information you have learned with old topics and repeating it will add a lot to you. It will be more useful to try to solve it by getting help from the internet for every information you do not remember.

Which Programming Languages Should I Learn?

What Programming Languages Engineers and Employers Love—and Hate - IEEE  Spectrum

Currently, the 3 most suitable languages for data science are Python R and SQL, respectively, but adding languages like Java next to it will be good for both your cv and your career.

I plan to increase the number of training in the next months, I am currently entering 1 content per day and I will add 3 pieces of training per day in other months.

Java, R, Python, and SQL language training are currently available on our site and you can start the training by searching.

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